Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 7, 2009

Dearest family,

It's pearl harbor day I think we should have a moment of silence together (each . is 5 seconds I was silent) ............ Ok that was kinda random haha
Wow this was an incredible week. President Brown taught us about a need for more faith in our work. He said we are doing incredible, Finland is at a 10 year high right now. But he thinks that if we have a little more faith 2010 will be one of the most incredible year Finland has ever seen. He is so inspiring. He taught from and helped explain 3 talks that I think apply to everyone in the world who wants to increase their faith they are; "To Acquire Spiritual Guidance" Elder Richard G. Scott (last conference) "Faith yields Priesthood Power" Elder John K. Carmack (Conference report april 1993) and "The Message: Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" by Gene R. Cook (New Era Oct 1982) I challenge all of you to read these three talks in the next week, I promise they will be worth it!

I especially like what President Brown taught in reference to the talk by Elder Richard G. Scott. It's in the middle somewhere and it talks about the grape and the jalapeno how the flavor of the grape is completely overcome by the flavor of the jalapeno. What a great analogy! It teaches us about the destructive and corrosive power of sins and addictions. It then goes on to teach that the Holy Ghost is so sensitive of a feeling that even our emotions can overpower it. Good stuff! Because I think that everyone can learn at least a little bit better how to follow the Holy Ghost in everything.

That following of the Holy Ghost is something that is absolutely essential to this work here. President taught about that and then he tied that into faith. He said that a change is coming to Europe (I think I wrote about this in an earlier email) have faith and help that change with all your might. So that's what I am going to do :)

Then we had an incredible district meeting from our district leader Elder L (Elder Horne's companion) He taught us a lot about faith as well. He also gave a very powerful testimony of how the Lord prepares people. He shared his conversion story, and I'll try to share that real quick. He lived in Latvia. He was 17 and he wasn't supposed to be home at the time he was that day. The missionaries rang his doorbell and he talked with them and something felt good about what they had to say. They set up a return appointment and the rest is history. But the incredible part was how the missionaries got to be at his door at that time on that day. So they went to cross the border (into Estonia because they had a meeting) in their car, one of the elders forgot his passport they had to go back. Get back to the border and their registration was overdue. They decided they were going to take the bus through the next day. Their phone (alarm) died in the middle of the night so they slept in and missed their bus. So they decided they should do the registration stuff real quick. For some reason it was going to take 2 hours, so they decided to go tracting (knocking door to door) talking to people. They ended up at Elder L's door. And Now Elder L is one of the best missionaries in the world (that happened 3 years ago) It is incredible how much we are guided... Every single day! Ahh it's incredible!

Ok I'll tell you about a family. The mother and the son (9 years old) are both members, but the father is not. So we have been going over and teaching him. It is awesome! The mom is an incredible lady, I don't know if I have said much about her, but she one of those ladies that does everything and helps everyone. We went to their house yesterday for a dinner appointment and a lesson. We had a really good lesson about God's love and families. I really felt the spirit and learned a lot. It was pretty humbling though because their boy (9 years old) was correcting every single word that I pronounced like an American. He helped me put some cases on some words, but all and all it turned out well! I am learning so much how to be teachable... even from a 9 year old :)

P is another investigator and she is friend with S (greatest lady on earth) She is incredible and extremely intelligent. I love the teaches we have with them, I feel and especially strong bond there. It is awesome!

I hope you guys get your Christmas packages before christmas! I love you guys thank you all so much for what you do for me! you guys are incredible! Sounds like all is well in good old Utah.
Love you all,

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

P.S. I saw my first double digits in Finland (-10) whew whew (that's only like 15 in F though).

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