Friday, January 29, 2010

January 25, 2010

Dearest Family,

Wow, this place is incredible, and Elder Slade and I have grown so tight here. It has been a neat thing to grow. Maybe after my mission I can share some stories out of my journal with you guys, but unfortunately I don't really have time to share those stories.

Jyväskylä is booming, Wow, this place is such an amazing place. I have been so fortunate to see this place grow like bamboo (that grows fast right). Like the very first week when we had our call from the district leader, I was feeling pretty sad about our numbers for the week. But as Elder Slade and I have really pushed ourselves, we have been able to see miracles. For example last week was one of the most incredible finding weeks I have ever seen in my mission. We were on splits with the district leader (elder Kelley) and his companion Elder Sharp (the one in the MTC with me) and while Elder Sharp and I were out doing work (we most definitely received help) we received 2 phone numbers of people who were interested and we tracted into this lady who was very interested and we taught the restoration right there on the spot. She is now a new investigator, and so last we we got 2 new investigators. That's pretty incredible when you think about the Finland it used to be. The average was 1 new investigator per companionship per 10 months and that was 18 months ago (right when President Brown got here) and for us to find 2 in the same week... I was just dumb founded... The Lord uses us to accomplish the things he needs. I doesn't matter how addequite (that's spelled wrong) we are, All that matters is that we are willing to go out and try with our whole hearts. This is such a motivating principle for me because it shows that like Alma 26:12 says we are nothing, but with the Lord's help mighty miracles can be wrought wherever we are. Whether it be Finland on a mission helping other, Utah helping others, or Iraq serving selflessly and helping others, God is there.... He knows every single one of us. He will protect us and our loved ones. He will comfort those that stand in need of comfort. This Gospel is soo personal and all encompassing. I think that is something that President Brown has really helped me understand.

Oh man President Brown, I can't tell you enough how incredible of a man he is, he has helped change the Finland mission around. I know I am here serving in Finland because there is so much for me to learn from this man. He is so funny too. LOL last interview he said "The Bees Knees" haha and I laughed a little because if I recall correctly Kyle and I heard dad say that one time and laughed a lot, then we acquired it into our speech.. anyways President Brown is the man.

No we don't go in early at nights, other than we push our dinner back till 8 o'clock because then it is pretty ineffective time so elder slade and I decided that would be more effective. haha finns are so weird about their sleeping. yeah I think they go to bed earlier in the winter.. Because Elder Slade and I have got chewed out a few times for knocking on the doors at like 7:30 at night.

Hmmm... what else.. haha you guys do have to worry about packages and letters and stuff.. lol yes they are nice ;) but don't feel obligated... emails suffice :) Yes I got all that stuff fromage! that lots of moula was part of my 2nd Christmas I received. The stocking was part of the 1st one though :) hence the pictures with all the cool presents!

So fromage I got an email from Kim Thornley and she is going send out newsletters with all my missionary friend updates. So I will start sending out a paragraph a month for you to forward to her... I'll figure all that out and be a little more specific next email.

Zone conference is this week (tomorrow) :) :) :)

Like I stated earlier, We are so blessed. We are so taken care of. I think one of those quotes on that paper that I sent last package says Something along the lines of that If our lives are centered upon Christ and his teachings we are set :) Christ is soooo Important, I'm grateful for parents who taught me that at a very young age... now I understand why it is that way :) I love missionary work sooo much... Negative 26 degree weather and all :)

This gospel is true, and I love the comfort it brings to me and I know it has and is yet to bring more comfort into our lives. Wow... You would think the Church is true or something ;) lol (President Brown says that all the time)

Love you all, Have a wonderful week... I was going to add a funny picture to this email.. But I ran out of time! I Love you all!


Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

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