Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 9, 2011 (Pitkästä aikaa)

Dearest Family,

A letter to the editor: We would like to formally apologize for the missionary in question's inablitity to; A) to tell stories over the phone B) Keep a conversation, shoot the breeze as some might say and C) pick up humor through a 3 second delay. LOL but thanks for staying on the other side of the phone :) you guys are great, although I lost the ability to talk about anything other than missionary work, we were both still there to listen to each other just talk haha. Sounds like everyone is doing great.

However I must dispell rumors before they take root and become superstitions in our family... haha I was not ever in change board meeting, so I have no idea where specifically I will be going this next change. President just gave me a one line statement with a wink and a nudge in our interview together... nothing big. Although I do hope that mom's C is correct lol we will see on saturday. I LOVE JYVÄSKYLÄ!!!

Well, life is good here in Finland the sun is shinning and Elder Fuchs and I will be playing Sähly (floorball) for a P-day activity today. I'm pretty excited for that. Elder Sharp and I decided we are going to start teams in the states, and we will have BYU vs. USU games... USU will prevail seeing as it is a less self-righteous school... (lol that actually is a self-righteous statement coming from a USU man... anyways) Then tomorrow we have a Zone conference in which we are going to talk about working with members, I forgot I was going to ask you on the phone about working with missionaries from a member's point-of-view. Although I'm sure that in Utah you see the missionaries about 2 a year.

Well, I don't remember what stories I shared with you on the phone.. not too many as I recall. We got 2 new investigators this week and we have a pretty big teaching pool right now, Like 7 newer investigators and 2 more progressed investigators. The Lord has really been pouring out his blessing upon Espoo. Teuvo is a wonderful man, and the spirit has been really strong in his teaches, I hope we can keep meeting with him and help him get back on track! Conversion is an uphill battle! Saara is going to be baptized in the first week of june. I don't know if I have talked much about her... Man... I should really start a checklist of the things I have shared with you and the things I haven't.

This last week was a great week, Elder Nikiforov who is from St. Petersburg russia, finished his mission about a year ago. He served in Espoo 2 for about half his mission (I think just as long as I was in JYVÄSKYLÄ) He came back to visit and we had a dinner appointment with him, his wife, his brother and his wife. It was pretty neat to see the fire that was still in him. He was a really good missionary! It helped me understand a little better that we can have the greatest experience of our life no matter where we are or what we are doing, life is for the most part about atittude, the way we face things. We all have different stages of life and we all face different trials, tasks, and even different happy things we are all different. One thing is consistent though...that the Gospel that Jesus Christ teaches can help everyone improve and be eternally happy.

President shared a super good quote I liked in Zone leader Council he said "If we would collectively live the gospel the world would come to us" haha pretty intense! As we truly live the gospel we have a light that burns bright and those around us will be drawn to the source of that light.

Love you all and hope you continue to have a wonderful spring!


Elder Thomas Neal Nielsen

P:S It was warm enough today that I am wearing my home-made short sleeve shirt right now :)

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