Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 (I LOVE THE FINLAND!!!!!!)

Dearest Family,

WOW! What a week. God really has just dumped out his tender mercies. I only have like 17 minutes to type this email so I don't know how much I will get shared, but if I don't just remind me :D What a joy it was to be with Ville Jäkkö. A tender memory of Jyväskylä. God knows how much I love speaking finnish so for this past week straight he gave me the oppurtunity to speak nothing but finnish and serve alongside a wonderful young man who's heart was touched by missionary work. It was a powerful week. Ville at one of our last meetings with a member or an investigators spent 5 or so minutes just testifying about how excited he was to serve a mission because of the love he felt. He shared some pretty personal things with me about his own conversion earlier in the week. He felt the Love God had for his children even on the street, and even when they didn't always say yes :) haha It was a sweet joy to see the Light that missionary work brought to this wonderful future missionary. We were able to see some pretty good miracles this week. We gave a blessing to an older lady who had been having back problems, She stood up in testimony meeting and testified abotu the priesthood and the blessings in her life. She was a great! Testimony meeting was powerful!

We had 5 investigators there and total of 33 people... So subtracting us 3 missionaries makes it an even 30.... 1/6 of the people at church this last week are investigating and coming closer to baptism. We taught the class in Pyhä koulu... sunday school and commited 2 investigators to baptism right on the spot. It was such a wonderful week here. I really can't even begin to describe how much of a tender mercy has been for me!

I had to spend about a half hour of my 1 hour of email time today writing a departing message.. I'll past it in for you if you would like:

Dearest Finland Helsinki Mission,

We are lucky to be in such a wonderful mission at such a marvolous time of growth. I see missionaries coming in so prepared to serve God with all their heart, might, mind, and strength. I couldn't be more happy. Finland is very dear to my heart, and has been a place of joy, and growth for me. So I would like to share a couple quick thoughts.

"As we share the gospel, we appreciate how precious and maningful it is to us, and we feel greater love for God and others" (PMG 84) Pitäähän paikkansa! I belive that is because as we are focusing on others with all our heart, we can't focus on ourselves, thus bring the true peace which passeth all understanding (Phil 4:7)

Jesus Christ said it this way "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it" (Matt 10:39)

God has helped me understand His plan and His will for all of His children, that knowledge makes me happy! Seeing conversion has been one of the greatest joys of my mission. The Light that comes into an investigators eyes as they repent and begin living the laws of God is something worth about a thousand times more that all the hours of work it took to find that particular investigator. (2 Tim 2:10) God wants His children to repent and be baptized so they can return to Him (2 Nephi 9:23)

God Lives, Joseph smith is the palautuksen profeetta. The Book of Mormon and the spirit are our 2 greatest tools for conversion. God loves you and knows your situation. Jesus Christ is my Reedemer... I really have never been more happy in all my life! I LOVE FINLAND!

Love:n kanssa... eiku... rakkaudella,

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

We have a crazy schedule today haha I don't know if I am going to get packed in time. We have to leave today because we are going to kuopio to help teach a family there. I haven't done any packing because well... I was focusing elsewhere. SO... we shall see if my few hours I set aside to pack will be enough to make weight and get everything folded nicely. This past week has been so great... it really has.

As for all your questions. Sure if the stake presidency can't get there I will do that... They are my leaders :D!(He can't be released until Saturday afternoon, as the Stake president is away at a Laurel training camp) I would follow them where ever they wouold have me go! Maybe you could get a hold of the missionaries in the area and I can spend my friday with them doing work because I know that the techology stuff might be a temptation! lol. Just put me to work. I would actually really enjoy working with them for a day... I don't know how possible that his, but I know that if mom can figure out how to get to president browns homecoming she can line up this ;D

As for the calling... I don't know about that. I have those numbers, I'll ask my president If I can call. If I can I will, if not 7 hours really isn't too much time... especially being surrounded with a few of my favorite missions is a city that desperately needs help! SUPERMAN TO SAVE DAY ;) maybe we'll go fight crime or something! The Food... I trust that whatever mom makes is just wonderful. Dad's dutch oven potatoes and peach cobbler are something that sounds ohh so tasty.

I love life.. I really do. Missionary work has been the most fulfilling thing I have ever been a part of. Well... we better get going haha we have a teach in 10 minutes lol! Have a wonderful week!

Love you family,

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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Anonymous said...

Mä huomasin nyt vasta nää blogit... Mut ei se mitään. Sinä ja vanhin Perry olitte aivan mahtavia tovereita! Jään kaipaamaan niitä aikoja todella paljon! Se viikko oli niin mahtava ja sain oppia niin paljon uutta ja hyödyllistä! Kiitän!!! Rakkain terveisin: veli Jäkkö :) P.S. Sori mul ei oo Blog- profiilia, joten jouduin jättämään nimen Anonymouksena...