Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Dearest Family,

So last Saturday was change call night and guess what, we really didn't get called. So that means we are together another transfer. This kinda feels weird because I have never stayed with the same companion 2 transfers in a row yet. So I guess I will give you a quick rundown of Jyväskylä this week. (this is actually what I type to president this week haha 2 birds 1 stone :) )

Things in Jyväskylä are great, I am so happy to be here. The ward is so incredibly helpful, everyone wants to help us in every way possible. This is a great place. We actually tracted into an older man last week named Pentti he didn't really seem interested at first but after a little bit of talking he invited us in and we talked about our beliefs about life after death. He is a very intelligent man that really has thought a lot about God and life after death. We taught the 2nd lesson and he really liked it and asked some very intelligent questions... I'm so grateful for the Gift of Tongue and Understanding.

The other new investigator this week is named M T and she was actually a former investigator. She really has seemed to change from what her progress record said about her. Elder Slade and I talked about her a lot with our ward mission leader and we all decided that she does truly have a testimony of the church, we just have to help her understand the blessings of baptism as soon as possible. Do you have any Scriptures that come to mind that could help her?

Our other investigators are doing well. We had two investigators at church last week! One was MT and the other was Kike who we picked back up last week (new investigator last week, Former investigator) We had a good time translating class for her. It really helped us probably as much as it helped her. It was a good week in Jyväskylä. The work is going forward here and I think people here really are having softened hearts. It is incredible, people just keep saying yes!

So, as you can see Jyväskylä is and incredible place! I love being here. So this last week was a pretty incredible week! we got 2 new investigators, and 2 of our investigators came to church. hahaha one of them only spoke English (kike- from nigeria) and the ward only translated sacrament. So investigator class was up to Elder Slade and I to translate (I'm sure the ward would have translated... but I kinda wanted to try) It actually ended up being me translating the whole time and I actually felt like I did a pretty good job :) Translating is one of the toughest things ever! It really stretched my thinking... It was like I had to let everything else go and just allow myself to think in 2 different languages at once. I'm not going to lie though I really enjoyed it!

So I got a phone call from the office and I guess I have a Waddoups package waiting for me in Helsinki :) Thanks Waddoups family! and It sounds like one from the family is on the way... I'm sooo lucky, you guys are too sweet!

haha Oh man mom, Sister T is a good lady! I really like her a lot! And she makes really really good food. I cannot wait for that dinner appointment on the 25th. She really enjoyed your email, and she said the Finnish was remarkable, I thought you found an online translator, I'll have to tell her that Mitzi hasn't lost her Finnish one bit. I'm pretty lucky, because Mitzi speaks Finnish, so when I get home... We are going to own in Rook :) also, I give Mitzi permission to watch any of the movies I'm currently sending home, or read any of the books! I've been collecting some good ones! :) haha I found a couple Harry Potter books in Finnish :) lol... anyways enough with the worldly stuff ;)

So last week we had a service project for the L family... We hauled soooo much snow, 3 hours straight of snow... We cleaned of there entire roof which was covered in snow. (also I asked a Finnish how much snow we have here because I thought me 6-10 inch guess was pretty bad, he said over 40 centimeters.. that's like 16 inches... but it doesn't look like that much to me) The Finns have been saying this is the snowiest winter in a long long time :) I'M SOOOOOO LUCKY TO BE IN FINLAND!!! :D

So anyways, after that our pants were soaked/frozen so the told us to come in and change, and they gave us some European pants and said take these because we can't give you money because you are missionaries... So now Elder Slade and I have so European jeans :) haha

Elder Slade and I are having soo much fun, But still working our tails off here! This place is miraculous. I think back to what Kyle said about personal worthiness and companionship unity. They really are the key to the spirit and the Spirit is the key to missionary work! That's something President helped me understand last conference... Well that is about it for this week!

I love you all and hope all goes well. This work is the greatest thing I have ever been a part of in my whole life! I love it so much. I have used a lot a exclamation marks this email, but I just wanted you all to see how great Finland is ;) wow I probably the weirdest missionary you guys have ever had lol

Love you all!

Vanhin Nielsen

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