Monday, July 25, 2011

May 30, 2011 (Wow, I love this work... for reals!)

Dearest Family,
What a wonderful week here in Joensuu. This week has been full of miracles and tender mercies. We got 4 new investigators and 3 investigators came to church. Not bad for a couple Elders who have absolutely no idea which way is up. It has shown me how kind and understanding the Lord is, as we simply do our best he will take care of the rest. We don't have much skill or knowledge of this place to offer, but all that he requires is a pure heart and willing hands and he can change our little sacrifice into a consecrated masterpiece for the salvation of souls... The guy is good :)
YESSS!! Glad to hear that Ryan is back on american soil... He gave me a little update of his life once and boy did that get me praying for him haha... I don't think I missed a night of prayer for him after that ;) lol. I did like the offical certificate that mom mentioned in her email, It is a wonderful thing that Ryan has been a part of being the good guy taking care of the bullies. It is pretty sad stuff, and I don't even have the slighest clue of what is going on compared to what Ryan knows.
Thanks for the picture and stories! I got a kick out of dad's eagerness to get on his brand new bike and take a 2 hour bike ride with some insane hills. That sounds like a fun little adventure you are embarking on. Good luck and be sure to wear a helmet ;) pg 48 of the white handbook... (I may be wrong on that reference haha but close anyways) WHITNEY IS GRADUTATING?!?!?! Holy moses... That is just a wierd thought... tell her congrats from me. That'll be a fun trip to the redwoods. I love showing off those pictures to companions and members and stuff. lol I feel kinda dumb when I have to explain why "i'm kind of a big deal" haha oh me and my pridefulness before... funny funny stuff.
The pictures you sent look very nice, The house looks really nice! A couple months ago we were at a dinner appointment at a members house and they had an Ipad and they wanted to google our homes... The picture in google maps of our house was back when we had the red truck and there was absolutely NO lawn whatsoever. I kinda forgot that there was at least a backyard when I left and a little bit of Front yard coming in. Fun to see things change. I hope the Sprinklers are still in tact ;) hehe
This week was super good and we saw a ton of miracles, I'll share a quick story about one of our new investigators. His name is Kam... he is a good good man. We were going inbetween a couple appointments or something like that, and we decided to contact a little bit and talk with the people that God is putting in our path. We took a wrong turn `(go figure.. we're in a new city) but got back on track to where we wanted to go. We contact this nice man and the discussion goes very well. He was super nice and took our card and gave us his phone number so we could meet, we thought that that was that for the day, we were wrong. Later on in the evening He gives us a call so we can arrange a time to meet. While we were talking we had a really good talk about God and how much he really cares about every single one of us. He said to me through the Phone "This really was a miracle that we met today, I was thinking about 100 meters before we ran into eachother about how I need Jesus and God in my life... I have had such an empty feel" he said that a couple times... It was a pretty neat experience to see how many things really are in God's hands... we just got to trust him. It was neat and has really kept Elder Perry up on Cloud 9 with missionary work. Elder Perry is a wonderful missionary and we get a long really well! He is an incredibley hard worker and has such a desire to do the work! I LOVE IT!!
Thanks for all you guys do to support me and let me focus on missionary work. I really love it here and wouldn't trade this experience for the world! This week we are going to be down in Helsinki for another week long leadership training meeting. I'm excited... it will be fun to go again as a guest rather than a host... I enjoy hosting... but being a guest is a lot less stress :D
Have a fun graduation! happy birthday to Kyle in a couple weeks!
Elder Thomas Neal Nielsen
P.S. Speaking of wierd package coming in the mail... i'm sending a white and orange box with specific instructions... open that one up quick... like as soon as you get it and follow the instructions given. I hope it works out.
P.P.S I play sähly left handed... Don't get any ideas Ryan ;) lol
P.P.P.S I still love you Ryan, and I am glad you are home:ish

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