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October 26th, 2009

Dearest Family,

Wow I love it here in Pori. Ok, so here is how this email is going to go. I'm going hopefully write about the last two weeks if I can remember everything ;) and then I will answer your questions that you asked, I will answer all of them. (Fromage you have my permission to delete anything boring that you don't want to send to the rest of the family) and then I will ask some of my own questions, deal?

Ok so, these last two weeks have been the most amazing weeks of my life. It is insane how much the Lord prepares people, something came to mind when I was thinking about that. Something that Veli said in my final interview with him. He said "Working for the salvation of His children is what God does" It has been amazing to actually see that first hand :) I told you that story about Pauliini last email (the one you actually got) and I guess it is all the little things that I have seen recently that have really stuck out to me, Because it isn't always going to be "big" stories like that bring people to the gospel. It is in the little things like feeling the Holy Ghost bear testimony of the truthfulness of things after a First Prayer. One of our investigators (English speaking) Darryl gave his very first prayer with us and I was amazed at the sincerity of his prayer he gave. It really was like He was talking with God, He knew he was there, Awww It was amazing :) So I guess I would like to tell you all about the power of prayer and that He really does listen and that He really does care about us all individually. His love is so infinite I can't even comprehend it! Crazy! So I Challenge you each to find a way to make your prayers little more sincere and I promise you, that you will see a huge difference. I love this gospel.

hmmm… I’m trying to think of some other things that have happened these last couple weeks, maybe I will just talk about some of our investigators. We had 8 Last week but this week we only have 4 because we had to talk to a lot of them that weren’t progressing that we can’t spend as much time with them I felt really bad because I love these people but P.M.G says that we need to spend time looking and teaching those who are willing to keep commitments. But we are going to go back and hopefully they will feel what they have been missing and then they will know that it is the Holy Ghost and that God loves them and it will be awesome.

Ok so one of our investigators names is Janne, He is like 24 years old and he decided that he wants to change his life. He has been meeting with the missionaries for the last couple months and it has just been the last week or so that he has really decided to change. He quit smoking and he quit drinking! This is a HUGE step for him, because before he hasn’t really seen the importance for it. It has been amazing to see his countenance change as he has really decided to do this, love it! So tonight we are going to go clean his house, because there are cigarette butts and alcohol bottles everywhere I guess. I think this will be such a good thing for him. It made me think of dad when he cleaned “wild bills” house, I hope the end results are better though ;) haha. I will give a more detailed description of the apartment next week because I haven’t seen it yet! I’m excited! lol

Pauliina is still in Africa, on her honeymoon. She gets back a week from today! She is such a spiritual person. She would really be a huge strength to the ward if she were to become a member, and I think her husband is actually very supportive of her, good stuff.

Alright that’s the rundown on the investigators, here are some funny stories I guess you could say. The language is coming faster than I thought I have grown a lot since the MTC but there are still Infinite amounts of growing to be had yet. (does that make sense) Ok so we were at a less active ladies house, Sisar, who is an amazing lady, but became offended at some of the members in the ward so hasn’t gone to church in a while but does everything else. We were at her house and I saw a spider plant, (the one plant I gave you (mom) when I was in 5th grade) and I said minun √§itini on samaa kukka, but I meant to say minun √§idillani on samaa kukkaa. Translated (if I spelled it all right) I said my mom is the same flower, when I meant to say my mom has the same flower. Kinda a dumb story, but I thought it was funny.

Alright time to answer some questions.

You said 12 weeks. Is each transfer for you twelve weeks (normal is six), or just this one?
a normal transfer is 6 weeks but when you are with your trainer you usually stay with him for 2 transfers (knock on wood)
How many Elders traveled with you?
My whole district 7 elders and 1 sister. Didn’t I already say that? haha but I should have pictures and labeled all their names in my package I sent you, have you guys got that yet? because there was some delicious chocolate in there;)
What is the basic temperature? Are you freezing? Can we send you anything to warm you? Have you had time to get a coat? Boots?
It’s not way way cold yet it stays above freezing in the day. no I fine mom, the two sets of under-armor shirts and pants and sweaters and everything else you sent with me is still holding up fine, It’s only been two weeks! haha but I might go buy a Coat what do you think about that? give me feedback, If I don’t see a super warm one for a super good price this week I’ll just wait till next week and you can give me some specifics on what kind of coat you want me to get.
When you say good food, what type are you talking about?
Everything you could imagine! we have 3 Dinner appointments this week and we just went to the store and bought amazing bread and all sorts of Finnish goodies (sorry MTC teachers, you are missing out on some amazing cheese)
Where is Elder Quinn from?
Elder Quinn is from Park City. I have talked all about Elder Quinn haven’t I? he is the man! out 6 months and already training me! Crazy! He really knows how to work! its awesome! Dad, guess what his dad served in Frankfurt Germany from 1976-1978 I think, When were you there? Did you know an Elder Quinn? How random is that! I thought that was pretty cool!

Did you guys get my package? I hope my SD card isn’t broken when you send that back can you take some pictures of the whole family on it and rocky, oaky, our house, whatever else sounds good. haha and there is a huge cut in the letter because I was making the box and I.. ya but I taped it back together! that is all! tell me what you think about the chocolate? I enjoy it. I’m trying to think if there is anything else…. The Book of Mormon is powerful! I love it! Read it and keep tract of some of the feelings you have, It is amazing to re read those!

Glad to hear all is going well with Kyle. Give him a hug from me as he heads to college… I love him. I love you all! I’m so grateful for all the examples you set for me! you are the best and I want you to know how much this work means to me! It is an amazing experience and I have learned so much already! I’m being humbled left and right.
Love you all

Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

pps this email is big :)

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