Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009

Dearest family!

Wow... So this has been an insane week wow... I'm in Helsinki emailing you guys (4 hour train ride) because I'm getting a new companion. He is actually sitting right next to me! His name is Elder Hamner, He is my grandpa finn. Eli (in other words) My group replaced his group in the mtc. So we are a pretty fresh companionship in Pori. Both of us together total 4 transfers old haha. I hope we will be able to communicate to people in Finnish :) I wasn't able to email on monday because our library was closed. This is going to be a really short email sorry...

Glad to hear that Kyker is safe and sound... Oh man that is scary. I'm so grateful for his example of missionary work! what champ. man I have so many good examples in my life! haha So I have 2 packages waiting for me in the other room you guys are awesome :)

I will try and remember everything for next week because I have a ton of good stories! Thank you all very much :)
love you all, Have a great week!

Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

p.s Next weeks letter is going to be better! promise!
pps you guys played ping pong with Katelin and Karen? fun!

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Ryan Nielsen said...

Kyker safe? Of course Kyker is safe!! I assume he's referring to the deer incident... Doesn't he know that if Kyle had decided to get out of the car and punch the deer it would be worse off?

P.S. My little bro's are both my heros. Lucky me:)