Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

Dearest family,

I totally forgot to tell you that last week I was going to the temple! haha uhhh ohhh. I was able to go because Elder Quinn was going to Kieli Koulu (language School) and it is in Helsinki. Kieli Koulu is when a missionary has been in the country 6 weeks and they just barely started this, but when they are in the country 6 months. Pretty much they just answer Language questions you have, and I heard that you get to make smoothies... yumm :) It's Kinda funny that I get to go to the temple this early in my mission because Vanhin Quinn still has even been.. :D lol but he will go when I have my Kieli Koulu in like 3 or 4 weeks.

I would like to share some things I learned from that visit, that I think apply to everyone not just missionaries. I challenge you guys as I share this to find a very personal way that applies to you and see how you can more better be a servant of the Lord, a better example, or whatever you feel you need to do better on. I know you will be able to because that's what this gospel is essentially based on, Eternal progression. Which kind of leads to one to the most eye opening things that "dawned on me" It was that I need to always keep my mind in a very eternal perspective. If you force yourself to think in this manner a whole new world opens up. You aren't bound by the little day to day problems, the financial burdens of today, the catastrophic ailments that are plaguing the earth (that's pretty profound, I can't believe that came out of my head) and once you are free from those you can start to think cleary about Christ and Everything that he did on our behalf. Then you realize the importance of living life in a manner that is pleasing to him, Which in turn makes your life happy and blessed and blesses the lives of others around you! It's like the Circle of Life in the lion king... but a little deeper ;)

This led me to think about how important it is to help other people, because if we truly understand how much God loves people we will feel, in a very finite way, that same love. We will do anything to help them realize It because it become "most desirable fruit" as Lehi put it. His example is the kind of attitude we need to have, he started searching for first his family, and everyone that he could share it with. (I might have added a little, But really everyone is our family so i guess not really :) ) We will go out to Germany (dad) and work our little hearts out and be just as obedient as we can. We will come home find an amazing wife (mom), who loves this gospel just as much as you do. We will live according to the gospel so that they will want to do their absolute best in life and achieve the full potential and that we can return to live with them forever! They will do the same because that was how they were shown to live life! I hope that all made sense, so in other words, I would like to thank you mom and dad for your powerful examples to me. Dad always living a life with an eye single to the work (or word) so that you could always be worthy so that you could, when the time called for it, bless the lives of others. I know God's power is real! I can't believe I haven't realized it until now (although I'm sure that I will be schooled again and learn just as much as I did last week) The priesthood is amazing!

The last thing I kinda talked about (actually they all kinda molded together as I typed haha sorry) was about about the Love and Sameness of that love throughout the world. The session was in russian, but there were finns, and a few americans! haha but I saw them and this overwhelming feeling came to me and testified, God knows each of them and loves them just as much as he loves you and knows you Thomas (Elder Nielsen) it was amazing!

Then throughout the week I had some amazing Scriptures studies! I learned about the power of example, I don't have time to share all the things I felt, but just know they were good! I was in mosiah and I saw the insane contrast between King Benjamin and King Noah and how the people that looked up to them acted according to what the saw! study that! deal?

Those were my "spiritual spankings" for the week. Can I say that? (mom If i said anything blasphemous or shared anything too personal you need to edit it, I don't have time haha)

Just the other day a lady when she realized what we were doing in finland, trying to help people. She just started crying and said (from what I understood) that people, especially young adults, need to hear this message so that they can have hope and be obedient essentially. She was very nice. That was just a little tender mercy I thought I would share :)

I've been humbled like crazy! it's good stuff! My first zone conference is Thursday and Friday, I can't wait. President Brown is the man.

Haha every week for the last month the missionaries (Quinn and I) had a part in sacrament, Pretty much just bearing testimony, lol I'm always feel a little sheepish going up there in Finnish bearing my testimony. I found a scripture that was brought forward through my talk with kyle. Alma 26;12 so good! read that and remember what it says :)

Good to hear you got my package and everything. I bought a coat in Helsinki, it was only 60 euros that about it for this week!

Love you all so much! you are the best family in the world! mom I hope you could read all my handwriting for the pictures! love you all so much!

Elder Thomas Nielsen

p.s. Mom could you find out from the teachers, if they could pick one candy bar or something of similar size and value from Finland, what would it be. Because I think I'm going to send them a package... Because they are pretty cool ;)

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