Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Dearest Family,

Guess what, Today I looked at the thermometer and it was positive 1 degree. Looks like Winter is over. haha It was weird to think back and I couldn't remember the Last time I saw the temperature above freezing... At least october. I'm not going to lie I was grateful at times to have an zealous mother who stuffed my luggage so full of warm stuff... and then sent some more warm stuff for christmas haha :)

So the snow is melting and turning into slush, and the little birds are returning to good old finland. The sun has pretty much always shined.... just now I can feel the warmth :) haha I'm loving this place... I'm learning so much here in finland. I would be interested to here the list of people that Brother Rockhill had of people from Jyväskylä... did he get that to you yet dad?

Thank you sarah, i think that E is going to be thrilled to hear from an american girl!

In response to dad's questions about the euro. We have actually noticed the euro's value go down, but that is good for us (at least as missionaries) because we get our money transfers from american dollars so the less valuable the euro is the more valuable the american dollar is. Food prices and everything have stayed the same. I heard that greece went bankrupt but I didn't think that was the reason we were getting more money...

It's crazy to think of all that is going on around the world, all the different life situations and all the different attitudes about these situations... I'm so thankful for you guys and the attitude that I learned at a young age. The attitude that happiness is a choice. Whenever we are in a situation we can choose to be happy or to not be happy. Mom is pretty much the perfect example of this, it doesn't matter what is going on around her, she is just a happy little busy bee helping others be happy.

This week has been a different week from all the rest in my mission so far. We have had to resort to the old fashion way of doing missionary work... No phone... But we actually had a really good week I thought. We still were able to set up a few teaches with people regardless of our lack of phone. It was a good experience. I will say that I'm going to be glad to get our new phone (arriving in the mail this afternoon) Technology is fast and efficient... but old fashion is good too... just not as fast :) lol

We have been so blessed here in Jyväskylä, it is an incredible place, I really really enjoy it here.

We had a pretty fun opportunity this last friday in that we hosted a "mini MTC" for the young men in the ward. We had a few sets of challenges of things we would do in the MTC. like basketball, tying ties, Scripture mastery, and Language study. I thought it turned out really well and the young men really seemed to enjoy it.

hmmm... I think that that is about all the exciting things that happened on this side of the world :) Glad to hear that all is well over in Zion ;) haha funny stories about Sacrament meeting. I cannot even describe how much I have learned over here so far in Finland, I'm looking forward to more and more and more learning experience. So that is about my week in a nutshell! :)

Love you all!

Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

P.s. I'm going to start sending a bunch of packages home with selfish gifts for me haha like some finnish books that I wanted etc. lol... Maybe I will throw in some chocolate for you all ;)

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