Monday, March 29, 2010

March 15, 2010

Dearest Family!
Wow, I'm just ecstatic.. This was a great week here in Jyväskylä and It sounds like it was just as great for you guys. I love good news! Sometimes we have to go through the trials to experience the joys. Elder Slade and I have taught a lot about the Brother of Jared and that whole little story. I love how God helps prepare his people for the trials, and doesn't lessen the trials to fit the people. We wouldn't be able to grow without them. "You would think the Church is True or something" -Quote from President Brown :)
Wow, Little miracles happening all around the place. Haha I thought it was kinda funny yesterday... a little spiritual slap in the face. As after 3 weeks we haven't been able to find some keys to the church (that were lost) by some little miracle one of the members found them in their church bag. No one knows how they got there... but they were there anyways. Miracles happen. He is in charge.
Sooo... unfortunately this email has to be really short. But yes I found some of those people Brother Rockhill asked about. We now have a meeting with the B family this Thursday, he seemed very cool over the phone. He says "happy Christmas" lol
Also we talked to O R, He sends tervesia (greetings?) to Brother Rockhill. He seemed surprised when we said Elder Rockhill! He said Oh, He baptized me :)
So much to say no time... I'll write a letter this afternoon.
Love you all !
Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

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