Friday, July 23, 2010

July 12, 2010

Dearest Family,
Wow, Sounds like an eventful week in utah! The weather has been actually really warm here in finland. up in the 30's Celcius... So Like 86 farenheit.. that is pretty warm for finland, especially because they don't have any air conditioners haha. I think it is quite nice! A member said that the weather man said that 36 degrees is on it's way! that would be a record in finland haha by a lot! lol the member said the old record was like 32 or something. So we will see :) Finland is so beautiful in the summertime! wow... I hopefully will be sending my memory card to you so you can see a little bit of Jyväskylä in the Summertime! ( and winter haha I haven't sent my memory card home for a while)
The ping pong tournament was intense! I placed 3rd haha only beating my companion Elder Pearson. Elder Lytle was 1st and Elder Newman was 2nd. Then we had a really good splits! Although a couple teaches fell threw :( There was even Funfetti Cake! YUM! lol
Elder Bryant is a great guy. He is serving with Elder Quinn (again, he trained him when he very first got in the country and now he is training him how to be an assitant to the president) He is the elder in that "Evolution of a missionary Chain" Just above Elder Quinn. He does live in Wyomning, Evanston (Spelling?) that is a little drive away.
Great that grandma is doing well and that everything great! I hope everything continues going great. It is fun to hear the beginning of your (moms) email that said "I should surprise you sometime and say somethign slike "Life was horrible this week.. I hated it" But that would be a lie" Lol, That is how I feel! I feel like my emails are all the same haha because I just say how everything is great... because it really is! Jyväskylä is an incredible place! Lol Elder Pearson and I got a bit of contacting in this week and were able to see quite a bit of success. I know we should be able to endure always no matter success or not.. but success helps quite a bit I am not going to lie :)
Fun to hear kyle's dream. haha I would have loved to have been companions with Kyle.. Doing companionship study. We were helping this family in the ward move last week and I was talking with him and he said he had a dream that he got another mission call to sweden again and he was trying to figure out how he would explain that to his wife. Lol sounds like both of you long to be on a mission again! I can see why :) Mission Work is the greatest!
This week really has been wonderful and I just keep loving being here in Jyväskylä!
Sorry this email is so short! haha But everything is great here in Jyväskylä!
Love you all,
Elder Thomas Neal Nielsen
P.S. wow... I kinda over-used the Exclaimation mark! ;)

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