Friday, July 23, 2010

July 5, 2010

Dearest Family,
Thanks for the wonderful birthday packages and the letters! I had quite the exciting morning opening them up and I was sooo excited about the general conference CDs thank you all so much! Fromage, That face stuff was exactly the stuff! wow... I was scared that walmart quit producing it :) Thanks for your diligence in searching out and finding all those Treasures for me. Thank you all for your letters and words of encouragment, It is has been a great birthday so far. Lol our schedule is all over the place, Personal study here, Companionship study there etc. Today we are pretty lucky, because we had Splits planned for tommorow with our district leader, then he found out it was my birthday and got permission to come here for a little more than the 24 hour normal thing. So We will be spending a little bit of p-day together! I think we are going to have a ping pong tournament :) I might be a little rusty because I haven't played since Last beating Mom (or am I remembering that wrong... I actually think I got owned 7-21) Anyway that should be fun. Then another cool surprise was a less active we stopped by last week wants to start meeting, so we will be teaching him tonight. Haha guess what else? A Member (Mrs.K) Baked us a cake and after sacrament couldn't wait to show us (it was fast sunday) so she took us to the kitchen and said "Happy Birthday America" lol it was a cake of the american flag with blueberries as the stars and strawberries and white frosting and the stripes. She is great! So I believe that will be doubling and my birthday cake today! lol I didn't get a picture until we had eaten half of it (after our fast) haha It was delicious. It is just crazy how little things like that happen, even not very important things like a birthday cake. I felt Loved :D
Wait, what happend to julia's foot? Glad to hear it is healing. Tell grandma and grandpa thanks for the thoughtful card. She shared a very powerful story about Ted that really was inspiring. I hope she is healing well from her surgery. Haha I love all the stories you all shared... Dad's story takes the cake though... That is just funny. Ladd is such a great guy!
So I guess I'll go through our last week. It was so incredible. Elder Caussé (from Paris) From the area presidency came to finland on a "Mission tour" He talked about a lot of increidble things when he was in our Zone. Elder Pearson and I shared a success story about meeting someone on the street. The next step of missionary work was pretty much what Elder Caussé focused on, Teaching the first lesson and focusing all our lessons on baptism. He took us up to the front and we all together went through the steps of how we are going to get Kit (The lady we met on the street) to understand our purpose and feel the holy ghost from the very get go. Really good, now I hope we can do that! Our teach with her is tommorow. Elder Caussé is a really great guy, I talked to him a little bit about Kyle's mission... I don't know if Kyle knew this but his mission split and the dutch speakers became the Brussels belgium mission and The french half became part of the Paris mission... I think! That was a really enlightening meeting.
We have had a few really really good teaches! I love Jyväskylä so much because the members are such great missionaries and the are always willing to help and that helps our investigators soo much! They are all doing great. Meg is doing wonderful! Jan has been praying about baptism and I know she is going to get her answer about Joesph smith because she has such a genuine desire! Wow. This last week we had a meeting with a potential investigator that went really well, He prayed :) he said he felt something! I love it!
We are also so lucky here in Jyväskylä because the ward loves missionaries so much that they always want to feed us and make us fat! haha We have a lot of dinner appointments... Almost too many haha. Yesterday we were with the Jensen Family for dinner and They love you sarah! haha Elli really liked the skittles and I gave them your address and I will hopefully get theirs to you soon. Elli is off to a horseback riding camp for the week, She is pretty excited. The Jensen family really are such great examples of faith in the Lord... Wow I love them.
Such a great week, and this next week is turning out to be even better as we have like 3 potential investigators that want to meet! Small and simple things, great things come to pass. I love this work with all my heart and I really am grateful I have such a wonderful famiyl that supports and encourages me. Your letters were amazing!
I love you all and Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

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