Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 11, 2010

Dearest family!

This week will just be stories... in behalf of a couple requests from a couple of my most favorite people in the world!

First story is the story of Mari Kinnunen: we found her in an activity we did with the young single adults. We drew the plan of salvation on the sidewalk and contacted people as they walked by it was a really neat experience for the young single adults group. We stopped mari and she came to the following young single adult family home evening and then the institute on the following thursday. (this was last week I believe) We gave her a Book of Mormon about a week and a half ago and had our first teach with her last week. In our first teach we asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon, she said "yes, but I'm not as fast as I would like to be, right now Nephi is on a boat with his family" she was almost done with 1st nephi at our first teach. She came to Church yesterday and we had a teach after church, it went really well. Later that night she called us to thank us for the peace she felt at church! " I am the shepard and the elect will hear my voice" Mari testifies to me of just that. There are people that are ready to accept the gospel... our job, regaurdless if we are in Finland or the utah mission, is to find those people and be worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Second story is about and older lady by the name of Leena Ihanainen: She is an older lady that Elder Pearson and I tracted into and she let us right in. We have taken members to our teaches and she attended general conference and loved it. She has been reading the book of mormon very faithfully and really has come closer to Jesus Christ through it's teachings, " a man will come closer to Jesus Christ by the book of mormon than any other book on earth" (badly mis-quoted ,sorry I don't remember it in english... But it is still true rippumatta kielestä) Anyways, we commited her to baptism (as is the way of missionaries) and she said yes! but she didn't feel she would be ready on the date we said :( she wants to read the whole book of mormon... Katsotaan.

Third story (man stories take ALOT of thought and time haha I only have 10 minutes left lol... I'm really going to have to send a tape because mom is right I totally won't have time to share all these) The third story is about the incredible week the district had! yay! I really think that the Book of Mormon Challenge is helping us all learn how to work and be guided be the holy ghost.. Tuota niin noin niin... We found 3 new investigators this week and that was exciting.

I really can't think of stories off the top of my head :( sorry fromage I am a failure... (slowly elder nielsen resorts to the old way of emailing... with his head held low :( ) haha but I really will try and relay them to you in some way or another. :D Elder Fuchs is a machine! We ran a 13 k (8 miles) for our morning work out last saturday haha that was intense! He has really whipped me into shape! haha We ran around the Jyväsjärvi lake... you will have to google it... it is big!

Mom, I'm sorry I am out of time.. But I did find a scripture for you 2 Nephi 2:1-2

Love you all so much... I Love this Work soooo much :D

Rakkaudella sun paras Ystävä/Poika,

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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