Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 28, 2010

Dearest Family,

I moved! But I would imagine that because of the 3 day late email you already knew that. You don't however know where I am.. So I will tell you that. I am now in Nietsytpolku... In otherwords the downtown Helsinki area. My area is ginormous and a bit intimidating.. not the peaceful Jyväskylä I was in. My new companion is as new to finland as I am to helsinki... Well I guess I got to helsinki a day before his plane arrived. He is a greenie. That means that we are "shotgunning" Neitsytpolku, which means that 2 completely new people are replacing the 2 old elders. They try not to do that very often.. but this needed to happen I guess.

I have had a pretty crazy week so far trying to figure out where I am and look as not lost as possible so my greenie trusts me :) haha Elder Pace is from california and went to byu for a year. He actually speaks finnish quite well for how long he has been here. He studied very diligently in the MTC.

Fromage, glad to hear that sisar Kirsi's story helped you as much as it helped her. A nice little testimony of how God helps us as we help others. Missionary work is full of things like that and I think that is why missions help little boys become incredible men. Glad to hear craig fills the mantle :) he was a good boy to begin with!

I don't have much time this week to email because today is thursday and we need to go do work haha but I just wanted to let mom and the family know that I am still alive and kickin' haha now I'm just in the biggest area in all a finland with the greenest elder haha what a fun learning experience this will be!

On a fun side note. The assistants to the president are now in my district (Elder Quinn), so I am my trainers district leader! Fun to be around him again and see his smiling face.

No fun stories... sorry... just a lot of moving and trying to get packed and unpacked between teaches. I was able to visit the temple for the 3rd time since being here... YAY

Ok, I really got to go.. thanks for everything! sounds like a good week! Pray for a 25 :)


Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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