Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 18, 2010

Dearest family,

This week was great.. and full of stories ;) hehe

First one: Sister Kirsi, the less active lady I have been working with since the begging of my time here in Jyväskylä (which I feel is about to come to an abrubt close because change calls is this week and I have been here since december... No one in the ward remembers a missionary being here so long... I know the Lord knew I had a lot to learn here so he left me here with fertile soil to grow in... The Plan is perfect I tell ya...) anyways, Sister Kirsi gave a wonderful talk in church yesterday... That made me smile from ear to ear. The topic for the sacrament meeting was Moroni 7:48 and she did a wonderful job explaining how in order to be filled with that love we need to empty out all the things that are contrary to that love. She has a very powerful testimony of Jesus Christ and share a neat story that I think mom will like :) So this is my paraphrased version of what she said talking about when she felt that pure love of Jesus Christ Fill her. She said "It was a little while ago when the missionaries (I think she shared this just to make me feel good) had been teaching me every week and this particular teach they brought a framed picture of the savior holding a little lamb, I felt as I if I was that little lamb in the saviors arms and I have reflected up that again and again. She then talked about how we are to help everyone and how she felt the loving arms of the savior reach clear from the other side of the world when Elder Nielsen's kiltti (nice) mother sent a picture book with that very same picture" She then talked about how it was the love she felt and not the worldly thing that meant the most. It was really touching and nice be be a small part of that. I thought it was every cooler that my mommy helped me do some missionary work. We had the Pitkämäki couple in Church for the very first time, the love of Christ filled the room as a wonderful daughter of God shared a story about when she felt the love of Jesus Christ through the thoughfulness of another. Thanks Mom :)

The Pitkämäki really enjoyed church I think! They had a few questions about why we don't have drums and guitars in sacrament but overall it went really well. I just had to laugh inside when we sang all 7 verses of "a poor wayfaring man of grief" haha it last 10 minutes... But I would much rather that than a member testifying about kolob and plural marraige and stuff haha. We have had that before... LOL :D

2nd Story: Sister Monanen who is also less active (actually she completely took her records off the church records) gave a really powerful testimony in our investigators class about the word of wisdom (that was the lesson) and how she had tried to quit drinking coffee earlier in life when a doctor told her she shouldn't but couldn't then. Now she has been 5 weeks without coffee and she said it was easy! 1 nephi 3:7 came to my mind, because God truly does provide a way for us to follow his commandments. She tolded a lot of good stories and is doing well on getting back on the path. I'm not sure when she is going to be re-baptized... but we will see. (It is a little different for someone who has divorced eiku taken their records off) anyways... really fun to be the teacher in that class... Really fun to be able to speak and understand finnish! The gift of toungues is truly a gift and it never ceases to amaze me!

District meeting and interview were really good this last week. I feel like God has helped me understand a little better how to teach to people's needs and not just teach lessons. I'm have been thinking that I could really enjoy being a Seminary teacher rather than dentist.. but that is a desicion for the future... for me at least haha not for Kyle :P hehe thanks for the good email by the way! My interview with president was amazing and he basically taught me what life is all about! I love that man!

Thanks for the package full of delicious goodies and AMAZING pens! Those were just what I needed! Glad to hear disneyland was an adventure and I'm sure the little girls had just as much fun being with just mom and dad as they would have if I had been there... :) Dad, thank you for your little tidbits of things you learned... I hope someday to feel that joy of my children... I love the Joy that comes through missionary work, and right now I cannot comprehend being anymore joyful.. it is wonderful!! :)

I heard through the apostate grapevine that USU beat BYU in football HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is really sad...

Transfer calls are this saturday and I am scared I might have to leave this wonderful place.... but whatever happens it happens under the direction of One who knows all and knows what is best for all of us. That trust brings me great comfort and peace of mind. I know that God lives and loves everyone of us, And FINLAND!!! :D


Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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