Monday, November 8, 2010

November 2, 2010

Dearest family,

Neitsytpolku is the place! Wow, I love it here. It is a busy busy place and Elder pace and I are staying busy as ever. I still am as lost as ever (well not ever too lost) haha I feel like a blind man leading helen keller around (eli the blind leading the deaf/blind) I feel like we are doing pretty well though. I'm getting a little less blind and helen is putting in her hearing aids :) I actually am quite impressed with how well Elder Pace speaks finnish already, he is going to be a really good in no time at all. I really do love being here in helsinki, It is a good experience and a really good opportunity to grow.

Speaking about the blind, we did a service project yesterday for an association (I got corrected when I called it a "firma" which is a business) who helps blind children and their families. It was really neat to hear about the good things people do. I am convinced that the world is still filled with good good people, regaurdless of what the news says :) (well said... I'm not to up-to-date with the news) anyways, we helped them move boxes and move into their new place. We talked a little bit and it went really good. They people had actually been to the temple open house here in Helsinki in 2006. Pretty cool, we talked about that and offered them a Book of Mormon, but they already had one! So we told them to read it! :)

Pretty small world! So Shawn Coulson from my 8th grade soccer team is currently serving in Elder Pace's home ward in California. Elder Pace went on splits with them. It's weird how many little connections there are all around the world. Like Brother Mark Richards, It was nice to talk with him and I thought you would enjoy the phone call from him. That's too bad you didn't get the photo :( hopefully it will come. Elder Pace's mother was room mates with Crndie misrasi stangar who is from tremonton... I don't know her but I am sure you do. Elder pace's first name is justin.... So I'm currently serving with Elder Justin Pace :) when does the elwood justin pace put in his papers? is he whitney's age?

WHITNEY GOING TO COLLEGE?!?!?!?! Weirded out! USU is my vote! Then when I get back you can cook me delicious food :D hehe just kidding follow the spirit and it will tell you. It knows EVERYTHING!

Hmmm... Not much new other than everything around me! I'm doing well... staying healthy... loving life... I really can't even begin to explain how much happiness there is in missionary work. Last night we were on a tram home and we started talking with this man ( who after the first sentance we found out was drunk off his rocker) haha he said to me "Ole hilja pikku poika, mä oon 50 vuotias ja sä oot... kuinka vanha sä oot?" which mean "Be quiet little boy, I am 50 years old and you are... how old are you?" So it was a pretty ruff beginning anyways by the end we were pretty much best friends and I don't know why but it struck me how much God loves us.... and It made me really happy... anyways no time to explain everything... got to go.

Love you all and I wish you all a wonderful week.

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen.

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