Monday, December 20, 2010

November 8, 2010

Dearest Family,

What a wonderful place Helsinki is. Wow... it has been really fun to be green again.. with a greenie. I just kind of pretend like I know what I am doing and Elder Pace follows behind nicely. I am absolutely astounded at how easily we have got around this larger than Jyväskylä city. I really do enjoy being here and the ward here is incredible. The ward seems to enjoy having two brand new missionaries, and the are very eager and willing to help. I love the ward, it is surprising, the ward here is about half as big as in Jyväskylä because there are 3 wards in Helsinki. We have about 60-70 attending every week.

We had stake conference yesterday and Elder Faustino Lopez from a quorum of the seventy spoke to us a lot about family and how we are to study the scriptures together and have family home evening. I really believe with all my heart that for that very reason you (mom and dad) have kids with such strong testimonies. Just like Elder bednar said... I don't really remember a specific lesson from family home evenings, but I do remember that we had them regulary. Stake conference was good, and just what a couple of our investigators needed. President Brown gave a talk about recent converts and shared their stories. It was really cool. One of our investigators (Paulo... we found him our 2nd day here) was there and hopefully it really helped him. He reminds me a lot of Jocelyn who talked about how it felt warm when she first attended church. Paulo loves church and really has good friends at church. Haha he thinks it is cool that Elder Pace has learned finnish is just 3 months.

This week we have another training meeting for all the leaders and trainers. It has been intense to line up teaches for people, making sure the maps we made for them are right. Haha it's tough to send someone somewhere that I have never been... I just know in theory which buses to take and which trains haha we will see how accurate they are. So president brown will be teaching us for the week.
Hmmm... Pretty funny... today I got a call from Elder Landon Potter, who is serving in the siberia in Russia. He is from tremonton and we have been in the same school since 6th grade. Fun to hear from him. Sounds like Siberia gets even colder than finland. Speaking of cold... Helsinki doesn't reallly get cold haha when I left Jyväskylä it had already snowed a bit. (first day of snow was like oct 12 and it stayed for 2 day) Helsinki I think is going to be a lot milder than Pori/Jyväskylä... Katsotaan.

Tuota... It has been a good week... Life is wonderful... I really am enjoying Helsinki and hope that you guys have a wonderful week!


Vanhin Nielsen

P.S I think that everysingle one of my companions are going to be at this meeting haha that will be a cool picture!

PPS Tell nat I can't wait to hear from her!

PPPS WHAT ON EARTH IS SARAH DOING ON A 9:12 PITCH ROOF?!?!?!? haha crazy girl!!!!

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