Sunday, February 20, 2011

January 10, 2011 (Hyvät ja pahat uutiset... Kumpi te haluatte Ensiks?)

Dear Family,
Wow! Life is great! haha HAPPPPYYYYYYYYYY BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY MOMMY!!!!! "one year older and wiser too" Yeah! It sounds like your talk was an absolute wonderful talk! The spirit is a wonderful thing, it truely changes people's natures! I loved the stories shared from both your emails this week! Some funny and some spiritual... Thank you. Little miracles are so neat... but it is always by small and simple things that great things (great faith) is brought to pass. That is something I feel like I have come to understand a little bit better this week. All we need to do is just the simple things, for example, live our lives according to God's commandments and we can feel great joy.
Alright... Just like my little subject heading says... Good news and bad news... The good news is actually really really good, So I will share that first. Tim and Al are going to be baptized this saturday! YAY!!! They are doing very very well... doing the small and simple things like reading and praying and coming to church, and God is blessing them with a firm faith! (Alma 58:10 esimerkiksi) I love those two. It was wonderful to be with them at church. (we taught the investigators class which went really well) we had 4 investigators and a less active at church! yay! So with that being said I am ectatic for this saturday! A double header! The bad news.... I am leaving Helsinki on wednesday... yep I was pretty shocked too... Lol but "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord, over mountain or valley or just down the road to Espoo" hehe I'm headed to espoo... about a 15 minute drive from my apartment currently. I will have a car yay! and I will be serving with Elder Sharp... I am pretty excited about that... He was in my MTC group and he is a very very good missionary... I have a feeling I will be learning a whole lot :) I feel like the Lord has just poured out His blessings over this Helsinki area... We are absolutely swamped and there is no greater feeling than that! I know that the same will happen in Espoo as we do the small and simple things :) Read, pray, go to church, admire God's creations... whatever it may be. God knows what he is doing and His ways truely are higher than our ways... So that is way I know I am going to the right place! I will be going to these baptism fortunatelly! so I'll get some photos next week... Kinda have to be there :D
So like I said there were 4 investigators and a less active in church (techinically a couple) but the one less active hadn't been for 20 years or so. That is sisar solly and her son arni ringsti we bumped into while doing some street contacting... Divine guidance! He didn't even know his mother was a member because pretty much his entire life she hadn't attended church. Well... long story short we have been teachign them for a little over a month and they both have been doing those small things.... God's promise (like always) held it's place :) Answers came, and are yet to come! YAY!
Alright what else.... We went to the Fazer chocolate Factory today! that was exciting! We got to a special room where you can eat as much chocolate as will fit in your belly! What other worldy stuff... hehe I bought a new backpack as part of my christmas stash... (is that spelled right?) so now I am 2/3 done with that! Just a suit left and life is complete! Alright... thats all the worldy stuff... Oh yeah... Except for my broken Ipod.. Is that being used? did it get thrown away? because if it is just the screen that is broken and no one is using it I would like to get it here so I can take all the music from the assistants computer and send it home with that... what do you think?
Umm... What else... Tender mercies all over! It is going to be sad to leave Elder Pace, because we get a long great! But I am very optimistic about Espoo... Extremely excited. My Mini missionary is in the ward I am going to! Life is great... and a double header makes me ecstatic :)
Love you all!
Hope mom has a wonderful birthday today!
God loves all his children...
Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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