Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February 28, 2011 (Fairy tales do come true! :)

Dear Family,

Wahoo! They did it! They became investigators! haha a Whole family of 8! I can't even begin to describe the Joy I felt at our teach yesterday. I'm very excited to see how the next few weeks go, and pray that we can teach with the Holy Ghost so that it can enlighten them and help them come closer to Christ by being baptized into his church... and gettign sealed in the temple!! We taught about the Book of Mormon yesterday and it really was a powerful lesson. They Father was in particular touched, and his "TERVETULOA UDELLEEN" (Welcome back again) at the end was music to my ears. Family are great! We will see if they keep their commitments. haha It is some much different extending commitments to an entire family. It was exciting to bring 7 copies of the Book of Mormon (the father already had one) and deal them out. The youngest daughter (6 years old) was particularly excited to get her own copy, even though she can't read yet. Fun fun fun!!!

So... Life is good... God's work is going forward... and the Lord is really sending some forces of angels to Finland! YESSSS!! We'll pray that a couple extra get sent southeast of finland too :)

So... It is back to meeting time again haha. This week we have another Zone leader council, and next week we have the 4 day long training meeting... Whew! I'm pretty excited because it has been 2 months, and we have already had 1/3 as many baptisms here in the south Zone as we did all of last year. So with a little math, that works out to be double if we can keep up the same pace (which we will, as long as we remember in whom we trust :) ) by the end of the year! And last year was double of a couple years previous... GROWTH GROWTH GROWTH... really I'm not leaving Finland :) LOL now it probably easier to see why we are all so excited here in the North!

Did I ever write about the Jarvis family when I was in Jyväskylä? They were the american family whose mother is a finnish. Anyways... they moved away at the end of my time in Jyväskylä, but guess what, the son is now in Finland... he got his mission call to serve here a while back (I don't think I ever told you) but now he is here. I haven't seen him yet...

Vanin Sharp (my companion) says Hi.

We had some russian elders in church with us yesterday... they were renewing their visas...

I enjoyed mom's series of unfortunate events, it made me laugh... I don't think the lady siiting kitty corner of enjoyed my laughing... I tried to keep it quite.. too funny.

No niin, that is about all that happend in my week, it was a very eventful week... hey actually. We tracted into a man named Petri, we set up an appointment for 3 days later, and we went back and had a wonderful first teach. He had already read two thirds of the Book of Mormon. I can't believe I almost forgot to share that haha. Pretty incredible!

Fun to hear the good updates of the family... Hope they keep coming... I sent some random packages puolitoista viikkoa sitten... and I sent them all to our home address because I don't have anyone elses address except kimberlies... divide and conquer I guess. Hey, what is julia's, kyle's, and jessica's addresses by the way? (well... I assume kyle's and Jessica's is the same... you don't have to write that twice) lol

Alright enough babbaling elder nielsen. Love you all, wish you the best.

until next week!
tons of rakkaus!

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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