Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February 21, 2011 (Finland is getting Cold haha I LOVE IT!)

Dearest Family,

Ok, I will give the run down as thoroughly as I possible can of this whole week. It was a good week. Zone conference was a fun one, and it actually wasn't much different than teaching a District meeting, except that there were about 30 people instead of 8 or so. It was nice, and I felt like heavenly father did a wonderful job at sharing with our zone what we need to do. President Brown is one of the greatest men on earth! you guys are going to have to be at his "homecoming" talk in July!

Elder sharp and I made it through change calls un-scathed, I am pretty excited because I enjoy being the junior companion, and not having as much stress.... but I'm sure the time will come that I will be knocked out of my comfort zone again. He always does. I loved you emails and it sounds like you had quite the eventful week. Pretty neat. Elder Sharp and I have been blessed. This last week we found 3 new investigators, and held a family home evening with a member family and another family there with 6 kids. I am very excited to see how that goes, and see what miracles will be brought into their lives through the gospel. Maybe there with be a whole family of investigators next week! (a missionaries DREAM!)
So they 3 people we meet were actually all found through tracting. Teuvo came to church for the first time and he loved it! It was a really good overall week.

I forgot to share that last week I went to the FAZER chocolate factory again, I sent some goodies home! ENJOY!

We are doing well, I kind of told all my stories not really in a story format... kind of like an outline of the whole week haha. The cold is setting in... brrr... I enjoy it. Ok I just thought of a story about good old teuvo. Teuvo has been an investigator for a while, ever since Elder Sharp and I got here. The previous Elders taught him but he had never been to church. He was ready to come to church this sunday (eli yesterday) and we had a ride and everything set up so he could come. The ward mission leader informs us as we get to church that because of the -24 degree morning Veli Ylisaari's (the memeber who was going to pick him up) car wouldn't start. We called teuvo and you know what, He was outside waiting for the ride to come, he was standing out in the cold in his church clothes, we explained the situation and he said well... maybe next week. I was pretty sad because he was ready :( and so we go and sit down and the sacrament meeting starts. About 20 minutes into the meeting the ovimies (usher) opens the doors and motions for the missionaries to come over, there was teuvo! So teuvo made it to church for his first time thanks to the member finding a back up ride. Teuvo loved it and the High counciler gave a really good talk about coming to church for the right reasons... teuvo loved it!

Thanks for all you do, hope you have a great week!

Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

(Thomas said he's really not a fun-hater... he just switched jackets with Elder Fuchs in this one... I personally think that's a little on the fun-hating side :)

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