Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 12, 2010

Dearest family,

Congratulations Kyle! haha I can't say that I am surprised ;) The way mom talked it sounded like you were already engaged hehe. Sounds like Kyle did a good job proposing and all, Cute little boy! What a Champion! I'm so excited for you two, that is awesome! Good work Kyle!
Sarah just had her birthday yesterday! Fun, Sounds like it was fun! Unfortunately I sent my package a little late so it will be a little late getting to you sarah, sorry about that :/ The swingset looks like a blast! Fun Fun Fun

I hope all goes well with Grandma and Her Surgery, She is such a sweetie and such an example of faith! How are they doing? I talked to Elder Cole Gorringe just about a week and a half ago. haha we think it is pretty cool that our grandparents know each other :)

Dad, Tearing it up at Nucor! :) that is so fun to hear the little miracles and all the little tender mercies that are happening to you. I know it is because you are a diligent and Faithful man, The Lord Provides! You are such and example of diligence and trusting in the Lord! You are the Man!

As for the Rest of the family, I love you all as well, and it is fun to hear the little excerpts moms throws in about you! I hope all is going well! lol I'm trying to get letters out to you haha but p-days go by really fast haha so anyways hopefully soon... But don't expect anything too soon ;) lol love ya!

I Got those packages from Mom and From Mitzi! Thank you so much! hahah Mitzi knew all the stuff that finland didn't have haha it was a glorious sight to see when I opened that Package! lol Thanks :D Mom, Thank you for that package and Cute little letter and everything.I'll try and get my SD card back to you soonish, I have My 6 month Kieli Koulu (language School) in helsinki and I will be seeing my MTC group there and I'm sure we will get some good pictures... Then I will send it! Sister K was Overjoyed to have that Picture book, and I thank you for the DVDs we used them in one of our teaches the other day! Good stuff, Thanks! She wants to send you a thank you card, so i'm sure that will be showing up in the next little while. She is an incredible lady, She was less active. She has been attending church quite regularly. She is a great lady, she is even going to a teach with us next sunday! U K is her name, I think it would be great if you could pray for her to have strength to endure. I think it has been really hard for her in her life because she is the only member in her family and her husband and all her children don't want anything to do with the Church, she has been trying to help them for years. I think that might be part of the reason she went less active was because it got too difficult and lonely. Anyways She is great.

Wow... Miracles this week! last monday evening we had a first teach with this man named I, One of the most faithful, knoweldgable men I know. He is a very prepared young man, It is amazing to see the results of the Lord preparing people. He is from Nigeria and he is in finland studying. He has one degree in theology and is study something else right now. He knows the bible so well, it is awesome. We shared for our first teach this teach that President Brown invented (well pretty much PMG Invented but president brown showed us) anyways after teaching the message of the restoration, In it it says teach baptism and extend a baptismal commitment if it feels right. Well, we did, and this is what he said " Yes, That was actually a question I was thinking about, How does one become a full member of your church" He is the man! We weren't able to set a date because right now he is working on his thesis for his schooling, but he is going to go talk to his councelor and figure out when he will have all that done so he can start meeting with us 3 times a week and he said by the next time we meet we should be able to set a date. He really accepted the message of the restoration, He is going to start studying the Book of Mormon. He is basically and Angel in my eyes :) An incredible, incredible man.

This past week has been great. B A gave a talk in sacrament that was just like wow! I think a few emails back I talked about B, He is an american in our ward and he is studying here in finland! He is a great guy! He talked about The apostle thomas and how he followed the savior and saw all his miracles, but when he heard that The Savior had been ressurected he couldn't believe. It was because he choose to doubt. B talked about how we need to all choose faith and not fear and doubt. I guess I can't really explain everything he talked about, But it was really good. He talked about how God gives us these little trials of our faith and these little difficulties in our life so that we can learn and grow so that we will be able to face bigger and bigger difficulties, until we eventually are perfect :) It was soo good!

That was my week, and I hope and Pray that we can all choose to have a little more faith in Christ and Endure, But enjoy life! Life is so great, I love it!


Elder Thomas Neal Nielsen

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