Monday, May 3, 2010

April 26, 2010

Dearest Family,
Wow, what an incredible week this last week was. It was super busy, but really really educational. First we had Zone conference last tuesday. Zone conferences are some of the most powerful meetings in the world. President Brown is just about the most incredible teacher in the world. He really explains and teaches in a way that makes you thirst and desire to increase and do better, it is intense! Then we had splits in Lahti with Elder Hamner (last companion who is now my district leader) that was really good. We went there thursday evening and got home Friday night. unfortunately I somehow managed to leave my binder with all my notes from pretty much every meeting I have had since coming to Finland on the train... ;( Hopefully I will be able to call someone and figure out if they have it in a lost and found thing or something... I pretty much wanted to cry when I realized I forgot it on the train... Anyways life goes on :) Then on Sunday, The long awaited President K came and gave a very very powerful talk on Christ and we can all improve and follow him closer. I really liked some of the thoughts he shared on the scripture Matthew 11:28-30 He talked about how taking His yoke upon us is entering into a covenant to follow Him and to truly serve him with all your heart and might. That is when we have the promise that follows which is one of the most comforting and powerful promises he has ever given to us, He will give rest unto your souls. He talked about a scripture in revelations that says something along the lines of "Behold the lion cometh..." ( I don't remember the rest) But he talked about how the Jews were so sure that was talking about Christ and His power and Majesty. Right after it says that it talks about how the Lamb submitteth itself to be slain. That is Our Reedemer. President K talked about that is where He gets his power, is from his humility and Meekness (just like Matt 11 says) Then he tied it into Mosiah 3:19 Which was pretty cool because Elder L (elder Hamner's companion) and I really talked about how can we put of the natural man while we were on splits last friday. So anyways... The moral of his talk was that as we willingly and lovingly obey the commandments and do everything God asks us to do we are humbling ourselves, and that is where power in our life will come. No other way that humility and accepting the will of the Father in all aspects of our lives. Not boasting like "Hey look at me, look what I accomplished, Wahoo I am great" haha that is pretty extreme... But I think the point is there lol. (I really hope that wasn't just a big jumbled up paragraph... which it likely is... sorry)
Oh man mom, You would have absolutely loved Sister K. haha She was great! She pretty much was Jumping off the stage as she talked to us, it was great. It made me laugh a little to see her translator just standing and talking in the normal finnish, quiet way. And Sister K pretty much rocking the stage expressing how she felt. It was great! She talked alot about families and how parents have the responsibility to nurture and help their children grow and truly gain a testimony of the Gospel. It was really neat. She talked about how Scriptural Nuriousment (how do you spell that word) is how we can build a testimony that will last and that by partaking of that every single day we can build upon a rock that will not fail. So ya that was pretty much all from that meeting.
Then I decided this morning to study a little bit about The Savior and His humility, Pretty intense. He was a perfect example to us all of how to continually do the will of The Father and never ever take credit or want others to recognize you for what you did. I studied a lot about what happened in the Garden of Gethsemene and after. I really like when he tells peter, the apostle, after he tries to defend Him from the guards. If I wanted to right now I could pray to The Father and he would send legions of angels. He really understood what humility was, because He knew what he needed to do, although it was painful and uncomfortable. He knew it needed to be done. So ya... There is a lot more to that but that is the main gist of it haha.
Sounds like you all are doing great! Nate Graduated Wahoo! Natalie is turning 20 on saturday! (that is actually change call day at 9:30 P.m.) and also Vappu (may day) that's fun!
Dad I really liked your thoughts on Milestones of life... That was great. Thanks! Life is an incredible thing. Fromage, I'll bet you are going to be the funnest Sunbeam teacher in the whole world! Pretty much last general conference was focused on teaching little kids. Now you get to :)
Yes about the calling, 8 A.M your time would be great sunday morning, So that is 5 Oclock my time sunday evening.
Dad, Spring is Springing, although about 3 or 4 of the last few day it has snowed... wierd! haha
I believe that is all I have to say this week. I love you all and thanks for your prayers and everything. I cannot begin to describe the joy I feel reading your emails and hearing all the fun things you have to say, Life is Beautiful :)
Elder Thomas Neal Nielsen

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