Monday, December 20, 2010

December 7, 2010

Dearest Family,

What a wonderful world we are blessed to live in. I really do love life... Especially in this wonderful wintery land :) It snowed a whole lot overt the past couple days... We have like half a meter of snow outside... It is intense! haha I love it. Sounds like you are all doing well (haha do I say that every single email?)

Elder pace and I had a really good week. It was nice to have just and entire week of work without any delays. I love our investigators :) Patrick who we taught our second day here, set a baptismal date for january 8th. We hope and pray that he will do his part to continue to receive a further testimony of the book of mormon and other laws and principles, pray that he will have a softened heart as we go through all the commandments and teach him everything! I really do love paulo. Did I ever tell you guys how he was found? Ok, So you know elder Quinn my trainer? He is serving in Marjaniemi (Right next to the Neitsytpolku area where I serve... Mitzi served in marjaniemi right?) They were at Prisma (a grocery store) and at the cashier, Elder Quinn tells patrick that he has a father in heaven that loves him, and gives him a pass-along card. Patrick, because he was prepared by our heavenly father, got really excited when he heard this news and helped the next customer and then chased Elder Quinn and Henderson down and asked them if they have a seurakunta (ward) that he could meet at. MAN.... he is so ready for the gospel! I love it!

Hmmm... I love the ward here, they are very very good at working with missionaries! We have a teach actually tonight with Alex who is dating a ward member (lol hopefully he wants to be taking the discussions for the right reason hehe ;) just kidding I'm sure he does) yesterday in Haaga the memebers invited us (elder pace and myself) to go and with the sister missionaries teach the plan of salvation to a group of friends that they invited. Things like that are happening all over... I love it! haha it sure makes the work a lot more effective.

Alright... so I will talk a little bit about my life so you guys know what is going on! haha I am loving serving with elder pace! haha for about 20 minutes of our p-day we played tag with a bean bag in our tiny apartment! lol it was pretty childish... but it made me laugh really really hard. We are loving having tons to do! there are about 5 recent converts in the ward that we are working with. We have some really good investigators and life is just great! We are always on the ratikka (the tram... or trolley) or the train or the bus because that is really the only way to get around. We meet a lot of really nice people and quite a few interested people.

The ward here is really amazing and I really enjoy being here. We went out to this island called "Suomenlinna" to teach a couple members and that was pretty fun. It is pretty wierd to imagine Mitzi here as a missionary... Doing pretty much the same things I do... in pretty much the exact same place! haha crazy!

haha ohh boston! At least you were able to distiguish what he was trying draw. mommy's hand and the castle... I would love to see a picture of picaso's lovely artwork! [*Mom's insert:(Darwin put a new rail in Kimberlie's house Saturday, because Boston was climbing over the existing wall below the rail to look down the tall and dangerous stairway.. The very next morning Boston decorated that wall very well with a black sharpy marker... Kimberlie said I would have been proud of her.. she didn't raise her voice, and found out that the 'art' was "mommy's fingers" and "big Castle".. Over the ENTIRE wall :) Joy of Children :)*]

Thanks for everything! hehe It would like to ask a favor from you mom... if you have time to get me some addresses of our cousins and stuff because I have like 10 christmas postcards that I need to send out!

Thanks family!

With love... From Finland...

Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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