Monday, December 20, 2010

November 15, 2010

Dearest Family,

HAHA fromage you should have seen me fretting!! lol I just spent a little while deleting emails and changing my password haha I got locked out of my email for a little bit because I retyped my password different than I thought haha it was a nightmare. lol and the whole time I picture my Mission president getting an ad for something inappropraite from his cute little missionary in Helsinki... Lol I hope the password changing thing works! If not I could get a pretty interesting call from my president pretty soon. Katsotaan!

So I don't have much time after all that freting. It was a wonderful week. We had our bi-monthly week long leadership training meeting here in Helsinki and it was kinda fun to be the hoster (is that a work) rather than a hostee. Lining all sorts teaches and maps and stuff up. This training meeting was incredible and I learned many wonderful things from it. Perhaps the greatest thing from this week however was that Pim (Who became an investigator this week) has a Baptismal Date!!!! YAY!!! Decemeber 18th is her baptismal date. We will hopefully get everything taught and everything in order by then!

Yesterday was fathers day (in finland at least) and we (Elder pace and I) gave talks in church. It went really well I should send a copy of my talk to you guys (hehe it is in finnish ;) ) The bishop asked me if I would share some of the things that I learned from this meeting we had with our mission president of how we can do missionary work...What a wonderful opportunity it was to share with the whole ward all at once how we can do the work together! What an inspired bishop! :D

I learned some really incredible things at this meeting... President is a powerful teacher. Elder Pearson (my first greenie) was there and we were able to contact a little bit together. It was pretty cool to see how much his contacting ability has grown :) he has changed a lot!

Hey sorry this email is short... for some reason the internet crashed and refered back to my last saved email... I printed it but I think the majority of it got saved.. I can send it anyways.

So about the christmas package... I would love the old version of the forgotten carols. That would be lovely.

You dont need to worry about missionary clothes because I can buy the majority of that kind of stuff here in europe pretty inexpensively... and it is european...

Love you all and sorry this email is short.. I got distracted by a bug :) lol


Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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