Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 18, 2011 (haha sorry mom)

Dearest family,

(a few technical paragraphs thanking mom for getting his college all deferred and set up this week)

So... Life is good I am serving with Elder Fuchs again. Sorry dad if I confused you, I meant that Kyle has been in change board meetings before, not elder fuchs. I am learning a little bit of german, although Elder fuchs prefers to speak finnish. This last week was a very good week, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, it got up to 15 degrees last saturday which is fabulous! We found about 6 solid potential investigtors which we have appointments this week (well 3 specific appointments and 3 just said come on a specific day) President Brown taught in our district meeting about finding people. I really am impressed with President Brown and the things he has done for Finland, he is a very inspired man. I can't wait for you to hear his homecoming talk.

The Zone is doing very well we had 2 baptisms last week and hopefully by the end of the month we will have 6 or 7 total... Keep you fingers crossed... well mostly arms folded, and mouths moving. It has been fun to see all the miracles happening and the wonderful things the Lord is teaching us. It really never ceases to amazed me how much The Lord has to teach us as long as we have a willing heart. Mom it sounds to me like you fit that catagory, thanks for that, keep your head up and in the end we will be like Him!

I have really been impressed by the Atonement and really the power it has in our daily lives. President Brown once shared a thought that I really liked. He said "The Atonment is to be used every single day, because without the daily use of it, it has no significance to us eternally" I thought that was a pretty powerful thought, it is there to help us receive eternal life and become like God. I know that is true and I have felt the power it brings and the Joy as we become new creatures... You would think the church is true or something :)

Unfortunately I have no time :( but, I love you all and am grateful for the good you do for others every day!


Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

P.S. Mothers day phonecalls... Would 7 P.M. My time work for you on the 8th? so 10 olcok your time I think... let me know... don't want to make the fuchs family mad :)

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