Wednesday, April 20, 2011

March 28, 2011 (It's snowin' there too?!?)

Dearest Family,

What a joy it is to see lily! haha martianless head and all :) lol I probably shouldn't make jokes about that, because boston is so cute now a-days, I just was scared the first time I saw him.... (mom you can edit this out if it is offensive ;) ) Fun to see that life is good and fun to hear the little stories about prayer. That is crazy though... I think heavenly father sent a text for me to pray for kimberlie and lily too... 10:20 P.M. my time...

Boston Boston Boston... I might have to admit that I am a bit jealous that you got to be with him. Thanks for the top 5 story count down. Life is great.

So, this week has gone very well. We have a new investigator, well techinically isn't an investigator yet, so we couldn't count her or the member teach for this week but that is a different story... Her name is dani and she is wonderful. The member we had there was perfect and I really am excited to see what comes of it. She asked what it is like to be a member so we passed the question to the member, he explained a little and mentioned the Word of Wisdom. She then explained that she quit drinking 4 years ago because it felt wrong. Then we quickly mentioned what the word of wisdom is and that it is so we can feel the spirit. Elder sharp said it includes 5 things and said coffee was one of them and she laughed. (finns and coffee is like koreans and tea) She said "sorry i'm laughing, it is just that I quit drinking kahvia 3 weeks ago because I was so addicted to it" I was in shock! She is a wonderful finnish, on top of the ball, smart, single mother this gospel is going to bless her so much!! She is great, we however didn't get a return appointment because her next week is absolutely full, she sent us a text (after we texted the times for general conference) to thank us for the visit and to assure us that we could meet next week. Little miracles are so abundant... I really never cease to be amazed at how true the promise is in 2 nephi that angels are preparing people to accept this marvolous work and wonder :)

So coming up this week is a baptism with Veli-matt... He is wonderful, and very very ready to make this covanent with God. It is going to be all smiles this friday... I feel a little bad because we have had to move our Zone leader council, messing with the other Zone leaders schedules, but president Brown understands how important baptisms are. So, this is a fun little miracle for finland... So the year before president brown came to finland there were a woppin' 34 baptism and Finland had been kinda dropping for a long time, nothing big for 25 years or so. This month as a mission their were 11 baptism in one month, that hasn't happened in Finland for a long time! YAY!! and next month there are already 20 dates scheduled for the whole month. Veli-matti Koivula is going to start the month off with a bang! I love the people of Finland! The Lord is really pouring out angels to prepare people to accept the message.

Life is good, I feel like I have never been happier in my life. The work is brutal sometimes but so rewarding. The promise from God is that if we give him our hearts,and obey his commandments He will help us have peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come. I think it is finally starting to click (lol... I thought I knew 7 months on the misssion.... and I'm sure i'll look back and say "ya I really didn't know what I was talking about at 20 months on my mission" but the process is fun!)

So... I love hearing the stories, we are still working with our investigators... so are dropping, but others being found! I'm excited for the upcoming baptisms! I love the Finland!

I think that is all I have to say... Love ya! Hey I bought a finnish suit by the way.. .THanks for the christmas gift all those who gave christmas money :D haha I sent a letter to mom and dad... hope you got it!


Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

P.S. I think I saw Kyle on as it was presented to us in a meeting. does he have a profile on that? the picture looked like him... It was on the side of one of the pages there...

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