Monday, May 31, 2010

May 24, 2010

Dearest family,

Wow, This week was pretty intense. We had one of the most incredible teaches ever with one of our investigators (Jan) about the Plan of Salvation. She just really wants to know and really wants to understand. She is a great lady and I truly believe that that true desire to know and the thirst for the truth is there, it is inspiring. We talked a lot about the purpose of life and She asked if we could have just and entire lesson about it :) She is great. She has some of the most incredible questions and I love it. This gospel is so great :) We are able to learn as we teach. I had a lot of little revelations and little Ahhh hahs.

This week has been kinda a rough one, but I can say that it has been worth it. Nothing is greater than the feeling of serving the Lord, Family, Missions are incredible :) We had another School Presentions, I didn't feel like this one went quite as well as the other one even though we had a lot more time to plan it and be prepared. It still went pretty well, but the High school aged kids didn't ever really open up and ask questions, but hey :) it was a great oppurtunity. (spelling?)

We also had some other incredible teaches :) wow, teaching is powerful because you learn so much! I love it. Our investigators are doing great, we have 3 of them progressing and attending church quite regularly. It is grrreat :) Risi came to church for the first time. Meg, we had a teach and we were really straight forward (but loving) and I think we found the problem... Word of wisdom is a tough one for, Satan has been working to get a hold on these people. Fortunatelly we know who will prevail and that just boosts me up and gives me the power and motivation everyday to keep putting forth my best, even when the results aren't always apparent.

So it sounds like all is well is america, except for the freezing cold weather. We are actually quite the opposite, the finns are saying this heat is absolutely ridiculous for spring time here. Maybe the cloud migrated over and you guys are having a nuclear winter and we get all your sunshine ( I would have given anything for sunshine when Elder Slade and I were tracting oma koti's in negative 26 haha) but it is nice here this last week finland has been warm. One day we were the warmest of all Europe nations. VERY RARE for finland. its been about 25 C so like 80 F wow... it's so lovely here, mom dad you are going to love it here if you ever come here! What texas or arizona? really?

so again I don' t have much time sorry about that, but I guess I will make time for next weeks email and so you guys can have an actual update on what is going on in my life :) Moral of this week I guess is that God is in control, and even though sometimes we feel like Joseph smith did in Jail, Like we are under a pavilion and we are just walking in the dark, just keep walking because God is a Loving God and will always restore according to our works. Justice and Mercy are so great! I love you family with all my heart :) I love this Gospel with all my heart because through it we are able to live forever together.


Elder Thomas NEAL Nielsen :)

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