Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 30, 2010

Dearest Family,
Wow, Sounds like you had a great week. Boston Boston Boston... I'm going to teach him some Finnish when I get home! lol this last week I had the weirdest dream, You all were in Finland just visiting and I taught you a bunch of random words in Finnish... like bunny and words like that... Pretty random!
Our week here was incredible. Elder Fuchs and I are getting along great... We have had one of the busiest changes of my life so far. This last week we had splits with two sets of elders and a baptismal interview, the week before that was the week long meeting, week before that was district meeting and one other thing... I don't remember... The week before that was our mini missionary week, and Zone conference haha its been nuts! This week we just have district meetings.. and Change calls. I can't believe this change is almost over already. We will see if I survive another 6 weeks in the blessed city of Jyväskylä
This last week was really great, but we had a couple of heartbreaks, well just one. Minna called mid-week and asked us to postpone the baptismal date, sad (especially if I get transfered) she is still unsure and is having a tough time praying with real intent. I know that if she prays and truly desires to know God will answer her. I know that because he promises that in many different scriptures, and through many prophets (latter day, and ancient) Keep her in your prayers, She knows it is true, but unfortunately the natural man inside us all wants to doubt the things we have received as personal revelation.
Jocelyn is doing soooo good, we are sending the missionaries to her husband today and we will see how that goes (Cross your fingers... but mostly pray lol) we had a teach with Jocelyn that went so well yesterday, I will give you the run-down, because the teach itself didn't go very well, but the knowledge and confidence of jocelyn grew so much as she testified of the restored truths! So Jovin is Jocelyn's friend that just comes to the teaches whenever he feels like it haha, he is a nice guy but kinda of a distraction because he asks weird things and doesn't like to listen for answers. This kind of infuriated (in a loving way) Jocelyn who wanted to hear about the temples and the wonderful lesson we had prepared haha. Jocelyn talked to Jovin about how understand comes through prayer and that if he really wants to know he just needs to ask God, and listen. She then talked about the book of mormon and bible... Man she is sooo great! True conversion my family... She is awesome. We hopefully are going to be holding a baptismal service on the 11 of September, we are keeping that as our goal and it pretty much just depends on the husband.
Also this week (in between the two splits) we had a baptismal interview with a man by the name of Santtu. He is an incredible guy, he has asburgers syndrome, but it doesn't affect his mind or thinking. I really enjoyed our time in the interview and he is a very humble man and really devoted to God. He loves the Book of Mormon and he has a powerful testimony of it. Good good guy!
Mom, there is a missionary in the MTC from jyväskylä and I promised him some krispy kreme donuts... Would you like to do me a favor? lol :) I think through you can send things like that... I'm not sure but I know that there is someway online that you can send them to the MTC. (gives name;/address)
He is a great guy, and is going to be a great missionary. He lived here in Jyväskylä, and we actually had a dinner appointment with his family just yesterday. He leave the MTC September 28... so before then would be the time to send them :) thanks mommy, Love ya!
Thanks for the blessing you all are to me, Know that I love you, and that I love Finland more ;) hehe just kidding family... I love you more :) thanks for all you do. Love you tons and I hope you have another great week! (with no fair rides ;) )
Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen
P.s Enjoy school little girls!

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