Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 6, 2010

Dear Family,

Here is the News.... Dun Dun Dun.... haha I will be staying another 6 weeks (at least) in Jyväskylä haha that means 7 transfers in the same city. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit shocked lol. I all but had my bags packed. It was a really good experience for me to see that things don't happen the way I plan sometimes, but a peaceful realization that the Lord is in charge and that this church is lead by revelation really struck me deep. I'm thinking this is going to be a Good 6 weeks.. lol maybe kind of a reward for all our labors here... Katsotaan :) (eli we will see)

So that means Elder Fox (Fuchs) and I will be together another 6 weeks. I'm pretty excited because it has been pretty fun to have a foreigner as a companion, Good experience. This is a pretty cool little fact about his itavaltalainen (austrian) heritage, His grandfather was the temple president of the switzerland temple in the 70's and he tanslated the book of mormon into German for the Church (I'm sure with help) so the Translation of the German Book of mormon that you (dad) read, shared, and invited others to read was translated by yours sons 5th (6th if you include the mtc) companion's grandpa haha pretty cool!

Speaking of pretty cool. Yesterday we had a special training meeting in which President Rasband (yep the same one that was in tremonton 2 weeks ago) was there and Elder Texiera from the Seventy. It was an amazing meeting. I wish this had come to my mind earlier, because we were shaking hands and talking and asked where I was from and He said that he was just there spliting and creating a new stake. It didn't come to my rememberance that You (dad) were in an interview with this man just 2 weeks earlier, that would have been a fun thing to chat about. Still pretty interesting to talk to a man who had just had a good heart to heart discussion with my dad 2 weeks earlier! haha

Elder Rasband is an incredible man and he shared a lot of wonderful things with us. We had a couple hours of just question and answer time with him. Just us (2/3 of the mission eli 40 missionaries) and 2 general authorities (and president brown and his wife) (and sister texiera) It was an incredible 2 hours and we were shown a lot of wonderful things about the work, ways we can improve the sharpness of our teaching and ways we can follow the prompting of the holy ghost better. It was truly inspirational. He is a loving man with a big heart! and a deep soothing voice haha it was wonderful

Our investigators are doing... pretty well.... Jocelyn is actually doing amazingly well, Minna has been hard to get in touch with. I think she feels like the ward is going to be disappointed... We keep praying for her and doing all we can to help her! Press forward! We will have a nice Family home evening lesson today and Minna hopefully will be there... we will see! i'll tell you how that goes. I can't seise to be amazed at the tender mercies of the Lord that surround me, and really everyone, daily. I really can't even begin to explain everything

This week has been pretty great, we have a few good potential investigators lined up this week, one couple in particular stand out in my mind. The Pitkämäki, They are are about 25ish years old and we tracted into them. We were talking at the door about the gospel and the wife had a lot of good questions and was very interested in our church, her husband (that is a small miracle in and of itself... a lot of people that age in finland are co-habitating) comes home and he had a lot of good things to say, they study the bible and have just incredible amounts of faith... We have an appointment tuesday and I think it is going to go great!

So that was my week here in Finland, I'm grateful for you family and love you all!

Vanhin Thomas Nielsen

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