Monday, September 27, 2010

September 20, 2010

Dearest Family,

What a wonderful week in Jyväskylä. haha 11 months.. that is almost exactly how long I will be staying in Jyväskylä if I am transfered at the end of this month. Must be something about the Elwood boys and Jyväskylä :) (well.. I guess Brother Rockhill is from kamas.. but now is an "Elwoodite") I Love Jyväskylä with all my heart... I really can't even begin to describe how amazing this place is. If you ever come to finland go strait to Jyväskylä :) hehe just kidding Pori is pretty good as well :) ( and I have always dreamed about going to Oulu) anyways... Want to hear some more pretty cool facts? I am one of 2 missionaries right now that has been in the same city for 7 transfers (and I know of 1 other, but is no longer in his city) lol this transfer is an extra week long so that will make me and elder schoof the altime kings of our cities haha unless someone stay 8 transfers... Eli if anyone else stays 7 transfers, we can say we still stayed longer. haha Elder Schoof is in Lapeenranta which is pretty close to the russian border. so there is some random info about Jyväskylä and my time here thus far!

This week was a really good week. We have been staying busy between all our meetings and teaches and random odds and ends like a Takkavalkeailta (fireside) at which we spoke for 15 minutes yesterday evening. It was really good, about the savior's atonement. I was thinking yesterday how wonderful it is that the gospel is all around the world and that it is the same unchangable truth from God. I remember thinking about that as a little kid when we went to colorado and church was exactly the same I was in awe that that far away they do the same things! lol now I am a little wiser and a little further away... and yet it is the same unchangable truth and I am still in awe at it's glory! :) I love it! Just before our fireside yesterday evening we had a teach with the Pitkämäki family (translated their name means "long hill".. lol I love finnish last names they are all like indian names little bonfire= Kokkonen (the last name of a potential investigator we met last week) haha that last name seems like a contradicting statement... little bonfire...anyways wow way off subject) The lesson went really well haha they are intense I love it! they are pentacostal and study the bible a lot, they are however very open and are coming to church next week! I know they will be able to feel the wonderful spirit that Jocelyn decribed as "warm" when she came to church for the very first time... Family... the gospel is true and the spirit is "warm" in everyone's heart who is willing to listen.

I really liked a couple things that dad and Mom said in their emails. Mom talked about how the savior knew and understood people capabilities and succored them according to these. I know that is true that God provides a way that we can accomplish the things he has for us. I really liked the way, mom, you shared that nice little ahh hah you had about that. brilliant! Maybe that will be the next district meeting topic :D And dad's thought was wonderful! I can still hear Elder Uchtdorf's voice as he said to the brotheren of the church "lift where you stand" Wow... man in a week an a half we get to participate in general conference AGAIN! I cannot wait! :) I LOVE general conference. Elder fuchs are making our way through previous general conferences ( thanks mom) and it is wonderful the new things we can learn...

This week is looking like another crazy week haha I'm going to be in Helsinki again all week and Elder Fuchs is going to be in Lahti. We have another week long training meeting... i'm way excited! I think there is a reason we are having all these... we have something we need to learn. The new simplified principles from Preach My Gospel are really focusing us on teaching with the power of the holy ghost, and we are having all these leadership meetings so that we can learn so we can teach our districts. Wonderful opportunity to become a better teacher so in the future we can teach our families and children!

Thanks family for the wonderful support you are to me! through prayers, emails, letters, packages ;) haha and so forth, I am eternally grateful for the family I have been born into! Happy Birthday Face! Have a fun FHE date :) Mom enjoy being with boston! love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy the wonderful life God has blessed us all with!


Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen

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