Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Dear Family,

ONNEKSI OLKOON FACE!!!! Boston is having a baby sister/brother! haha Congrats! Fun Fun Fun! Good to hear that Boston recognizes the missionaries as Thomas :) that's my boy! I can just picture fromage when she found out she is having a second grandchild... Joy i'm sure :) fun to hear you guys had a great week all over the place, whitney in provo following a tom tom! (Fromage... mine is lost?!? uhh ohh... haha just kidding I think Ryan said he would "take care" of it while I am on my mission) I love hearing all the neat little things that happend in your guy's lives.

This week was another really good week... but unfortunately I don't really have much new to report. The district is doing well and we are having a Zone conference this wednesday which should be great. Elder Fuchs and I tracted into a neat couple a week and a half ago and they became investigators this week. They really know the bible and are married, which is rare for young finnish couples. We have been staying really busy here in Jyväskylä and I love it! The work of the Lord is incredible. We are having some troubles getting the missionaries in Cameroon to get a hold of Jocelyn's husband. he still hasn't heard anything from them :( I think it may have to do with the address we got, because it was in french and really really confusing and so we call our office in helsinki and had them forward it to africa... I am thinking that somewhere down the line it got changed.

hmmm... This week we had some change in our district, Elder Horne (My mtc companion) is now one of our Zone leaders! Yay! I had a good chance to talk with him yesterday evening as we reported the district numbers up through the chain of command. I guess I could tell you what our district consists of. In it is missionaries from 3 different cities. Jyväskylä (just us 2) Tampere (2 sisters and 2 Zone leaders) and Lahti (2 elders) Because we are so spread out we are only able to hold district meeting twice a change (eli every 3 weeks or so) which is rather unfortunate... how did that work in Dad, Ryan, and Kyle's Missions? I would assume pretty similar. So the Missionaries in our district are tampere Zone leaders- Elder Sharp and Horne (both in Mtc with me :) ) tampere Sisters herde and Christiansen (spelling?) and Lahti- Elders Newman and Higginson. What a great district!

Wow... Fromage if probably going to cry if I end my email here... I better think of something to write haha... we stole some carrots (with permission) from a members garden... this week we had some really good teaches... I love finland :)

Lol... yep I'm drawing a blank... I'll do better next week :) lol I love you family and I am so grateful for the many wonderful things you all do! Do what is right :)

Love Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen!

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