Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 23, 2010

Dearest Family,
Wow, What an incredible week here in Finland. We (elder fuchs and I) were in Helsinki from Monday to Friday in one of the longest training meeting known to missionary work. I guess they re-did how mission presidents are to train and teach, and this meeting for the leaders is one of those. It was so good, we talked about some incredible things that will help us far beyond the mission field (but they sure will help in the mission field as well!) We talked about the holy ghost and about a lot of the little things of missionary work and teaching, but how as we do them right pretty much the powers of heaven will come down and touch people hearts, that is when true conversion happens. It was really neat, and I hope I can take and apply the things taught... It was ALOT about being a teacher that teaches to the student (in our case right now investigators) needs. Really really good!
Yes, fromage I did get Ryan and Julia's Package, sorry so slow to tell you all! Tell them thanks, it was great. haha I really have been kind of scatterbrained this past little while... all over the place! and this week is looking like it is going to be the same haha we are going to lahti for splits on tuesday and wednesday a baptimal interview in Tampere. Thursday the Zone leaders are coming here for splits and hopefully (depending on Minna :) a baptismal interview for her) So if all goes according to plans, there will be 2 baptisms in our district this week! YAY! I just hope I can keep my head on straight as we are getting all this travel planning done lol. Man, what a good experience missionary work is. I'm serious there is nothing better in the whole wide world that a young Boy/Girl could do.
Alright I will answer any and all questions I find in your emails.
Q. How is jocelyn and husband doing?
A. Hmmm... Tough to say, Jocelyn is doing wonderful and is just about the closet you can be to being perfect without being twinkled :) haha Husband is hopefully reading and learning about our church and having his heart softened. we are going to send the missionaries in Africa to his place to teach so he can understand what an incredible inpact this will have on his family!
Q. How was the training this week?
A. Really good! I loved it! Lots of training now we all have ALOT of responcibilty to apply these eternal principles to our lives and see how it works for reals!
Q. How is Minna Doing?
A. Whew.... keep praying! She is so great, and I just hope and pray that she will see what she has already found out to be true. Doubt and second guessing are nasty stuff... But I truly believe she will come through because I have seen how much accepting the gospel has changed her life so far, She knows it is true family! Katsotaan!!!!
Q.(from Kyle) How is your health? Weight? Height?
A. All is just dandy haha I am about the same as I left (although it would be nice to grow a couple inches so I could be at least a little taller than Kyle hehe) is your companion?
A. haha he is really great! Really intense... I love it. Lol we do some serious running in the morning and some serious work all day everyday, couldn't be happier! :D
Well I believe that that is all the questions you had. Nice to hear from Kyle and is new wifey! Fun Fun Fun. Life is so happy! I love it! Kyle is an Aggie now! nice work!
Good to hear about everyone and I hope Ryan gets some Gilletto in Rome! haha
Thank you for all your support, prayers, and love! I love this work with my whole heart and I really can't explain the blessing you, and your examples are to me. You are the greatest!
Vanhin Thomas Neal Nielsen
P.s send thanks to both grandparents for their birthday cards and gifts! I need to write them an offical thanks lol :)

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